Monday, September 14, 2009

Teething is the worst.

I just hope that it goes by fast and that Seth & I don't have to worry about it for the next year. Aiden is getting one of his eye teeth on his bottom right side. It's the first pointy one and it has been nothing but hell for him. He has been cranky all weekend, won't really eat much and has been chomping on his fingers non stop. Since I can see the tooth bud underneath the gums Seth has been really good about letting Aiden have his binkie more this weekend since it helps him to feel better. We have been trying to ween him from using it. We also had to start up with the Orajel and continue the Motrin regimin from the ear infection to help with the gum pain. I hope it pops soon because it just wipes him out, was sleepy all weekend, and he can get back to feeling like himself again.

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