Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't keep up with time!!!

Things are just going by too fast!! This is going to be long to be prepared!

Father's Day
This year we did something different. Since Seth's parents were out in Ohio visiting his sister, Hope, we talked with his brother, Josh and decided that we would go to the Museum of Science instead of just doing the typical morning brunch. Plus we hardly get together with his brother to do something. Granted there wasn't much for Aiden to do because its really not geared towards small children but we still had a good time. Aiden gave Daddy a dress shirt and tie to wear with his suit for the high holidays in September.

Aiden in the Electricity Room

Amanda, Laura and Naomi in the Butterfly Garden.

Playtime with Aiden
He is all about this Fisher Price Musical Zoo!! Absolutely loves the thing. We also found out that he loves his Animal Parade as well because he can chase it all around the family room.

This past weekend we went camping!!! Aiden did really well and he got to meet a bunch of his aunts and uncles, well my aunts and uncles. His great aunts and uncles. They all wanted to eat him up. And he did well for the car ride out there. Going to New York was better then the ride back because he was still on he schedule. While camping he kind of got thrown off a little bit.

Aiden's goodie bag from his cousin's birthday party. He drew it all by himself.

Graduation Party
So our whole reason for going out to New York to go camping in the first place is my cousins high school graduation. There won't be another grad party for a while so we are going to have to figure out what we are doing next summer.

Sitting with Gr. Grandpa Fitz

Cake time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're on the move now!!!

Ever since Aiden has been on the antibiotics for his ear infection he was been on the move crawling. I think the infection was messing with his balance and he couldn't get the process down.

And the cats don't seem to like it too much though.

Happy Anniversary to me!!!

Yup, 2 years later and it's raining just like it did that day.

What a week!!!

Saturday Seth and I finally took our 1 year anniversary dinner at Chocksett for our 2 year anniversary. It was nice to get out to dinner by ourselves as well. Plus I am not going to turn down a free dinner. And of course we had to punish ourselves and take a wal over to the garden that was supposed to be our ceremony sight on the beutiful evening that it was. Yup, 104 Saturdays ago we were getting married inside because it was raining out.

That night Aiden woke up with a really high temperature, 102.5. I wanted to take him down to the hospital because with the way he was screaming I just knew that something was wrong with him. He Eventually calmed down and drinfted off to sleep and Seth thought that he was just tired and worked up. He said that if Aiden woke up again sceaming like that then we would take him down. He never did and so we never went to the doctor. Monday and Tues he had a fever off and on, but he wasn't too bad.However Tues night we got him home and he started to have a coughing fit. So much that he threw up the half of bottle that he drank. I called the doctor and they gave me the number for the pediatrician that was on call. Seth thought that Aiden was doing better and didn't need to go so I didn't call, but then Aiden threw up again from coughing and Seth got mad at me for not calling the doctor. I called got an appt and then Seth got mad at me because we were going to the doctor. It was just all a mess. We both get really stressed out when Aiden is not feelig well and we just lash out at each other because I ended up screaming at Seth in the car telling him to "get the fuck out of my car." Which I hate doing that in front of Aiden. I don't want to argue in front of him and I know that that is not who we are.

We get to the doctors and we find out that Aiden ahs a double ear infection- reason for Saturday night episode- and his bronchitis has returned as well. His blood oxygen was down to 91% and he was having chest depressions from having trouble breathing. I felt so bad because I did notice the faster breathing and I didn't do anything when I thougth I should. I was doing breathing treatments for him twice a day because he had been wheezing so that probably helped him out a little bit. The doctor then told us that he was admitting him into the hospital to having his breathing monitored. That is when I felt like a horrible mother that I didn't do enough to prevent this from happening. I knew that being admitted was the best thing for him, but it was still hard to hear. He ended up staying for 2 days and had to have breathing treatments every 4 hrs, antibiotics for his ears and he needed steriods for his lungs. Plus they had to do a throat culture for flu testing and draw blood. I felt so bad for him. And I think one of the worst parts for him was being cooped up in a hosptial room for so long. Seth and I did lay a blanket on the floor to let him crawl around a bit, but it was hard and most of the time he was just in his bed. It was soo nice to finally come home on Thursday.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Mommy Award...

did not go to me this past weekend. Aiden has the stride to ride Fisher Price push lion wlaking toy. I put him on it Sat morning and we did a few loops around the family room. I was laughing up a storm. Then later in the day when we had friends come over I wanted to show Seth what we did this morning so we went for a lap around the room. Well I didn't notice this time that his feet were not forward like they were this morning and he was dragging one foot on the carpet the whole way around. Poor little man go rug burn on the tops of all his toes and some of his foot. I felt so bad. How could I not notice?! I am suppose ot be paying attention to all these things! We put a bandaid on it but it was oozing through the sock. Luckily Sunday wa really nice so we went for a walk at the outlets so his foot was exposed to the air for quite a while so it couls dry up and scab over.

I know that accidents happen, but part of me can;t help but feel if I was being more aware then this would have never happened. I need to learn that I can't shelter him from everything. Boy its going to be so hard to let him start doing everything for himself.

Happy 9mos!!!

We're 9mos now!!! I have no idea where the time goes. Where ever it is going it, it is going too fast for me to keep up. And while i love watching Aiden grow up, this past weekend was bittersweet to a point because I looked over at him playing from the kitchen and he looked so cute just playing all by himself in the alphabet mat. I stopped what I was doign to ogo over and spend some more time with him while he was awake. Whatever I was doing can wait until he was napping. They are only this age for so long. I'm going to take advantage of it while I can.