Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Crap!!- Literally

I picked Aiden up from daycare yesterday and he was in a diffeent outfir then when I dropped him off so I know that something happened to him clothes be it a diaper blow out or he got food all over himself. Well after he went to bed adn I was cleaning up I opened up the bag with his clothes and proceeded to check out the top so I could spray it to be cleaned. I have never in my life seen so much poop all over an article of clothing in my life. You would have thought that he rolled around in the stuff! The inside of the onesie shirt was just covered in poop. I could tell that it got smushed up the back and out one of the leg holes and from hat I knew right away that he was in the jumperoo and his teachers didn't check him to see if he had gone within 10mins of putting him in there. I have told them that they need to check him because 98% of the time he is going to poop when you put him in the jumperoo or the exersaucer. I just threw the top away. There was now way that the top was going to coem clean. Not with that much poop smeared all over it.

3yrs in the making...

I finally have flowers!!!! I am so excited. I know that it takes a while for Peonies to establish flowers and I am pretty surprised that it flowered this year especially since I had to dig it up last summer when we moved. Well actually I waited until the end of the summer to dig it up when I was going to start going into its winter hybernation mode. But generally when you move Peonies they go in to shock and need a year to recover. Plus the 2 that I planted out front have started to grow as well so I know that they are doing well. Now I just need to plant my Lilac tree and order up the Wisteria tree that I want. The lilac is going in a giant pot because I really don;t feel like digging it up it we choose to move in 7-10 yrs since it is not your typical lilac. Its a pink and white hybrid. The wisteria will also come with us when we move since I have my eyes on a not-your-typical-wisteria tree as well.

Wisteria Tree


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twooo Teefers!!!

Aiden now has two teeth!!!! Both on the bottom. He seems to be doing okay with it but at noght before bedtime he starts to get crazy cranky and all he wants is to suck on his bottle. However I have a feeling its the fact that daycare may be waiting too long to give him his bottle after his lunch and he comes home crazy thirsty. Other then that his teething is going well and I think he may be getting the tops ones soon based on how he is ramming everything he can into his top gums.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poem for Aiden

So since Aiden now has a blanket as a lovey I ended up making up a little song/poem for him the other day in the car. Half of it just came off the top of my head as we were driving and he thought it was entertaining and then other half I had to sit down and think of for a bit, but is really cute and Seth loves it. Here it is.

I Love Blankie.

I love blankie,
blankie is my friend.
I love blankie,
with me 'til the end.

I love blankie,
blankie is the best.
I love blankie,
comes with me when I rest.

I love blankie,
blankie is real cool.
I love blankie,
soaks up all my drool.

I love blankie,
soothing to the touch,
I love blankie,
I love you very much.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

My first official Mother's Day. All I can say is that Seth was awesome. He said that we could start the day early and let me watch whatever movie I wanted to on On-Demand so we ended up watching "Bride Wars". Pretty funny and it brought back so many memories of wedding planning. To a point I kind of miss doing it. Then the next day, Mother's Day he let me sleep in a little bit. I woke up and kind of freaked out because the baby monitor was off and I didn't remember shutting it off. I got up got dressed and went downstairs because I heard Aiden down there so Daddy must have gotten him up. I think it was more a surprise to Seth because when I walked into the kitchen I saw wrapping paper on the coffee table so I knew that he hadn't wrapped my present yet. Kind of hard to do when he spent the whole day with me on Saturday and came home early on Friday. Well in the end it saved him some time. He asked me if I wanted to open the box now or later as he lugged the box up from the floor. I looked at him and immediately asked him if he got me hand weights. He laughed and aksed how I knew. Come pick up a box that way and its got to be the only heavy thing that I wanted though didn't tell him. He got me a set of 5lbs, 7lbs and 10lbs weights. Aiden helped me open the box. Seth said he thought it was a bit ridiculus that I was using ankle weights as hand weights when doing my 30 Day Shred DVD because I didn't have any. Plus since he saw how into the DVD I was that it was a good gift to give. I was all excited. Now I have a work out corner with my weight and my exercise ball. Things are looking good for this summer!!!

We did have one accident that morning though. Before I came downstairs I guess Seth sat Aidne on the couch turned to get a toy of the table and within a second he had leaned forward to get on him belly and ended up rolling off the couch. It was only a 1-.5ft fall and Seth said that Aiden was more startled then anything, but we both agreed that we can't leave him there alone anymore. He;s a tough cookie though.

We got together with Seth's brother, sister-in-law Laura, her mother Susan, our 2 neices Amanda and Naomi, and Seth's parents. It wasn't to bad of a time. Aiden had a fun time seeing everyone and taking in the surroundings at the restaurant. We forgot ot bring new batteries for the camera so we weren't able to get a family picture. I was bummed and Seth was too. Afterwardswe were supposed to meet up with my Uncle Ken at Grandma's grave to plant flowers and spruce up her site but we found out later that he had brinchitis and couldn;t make it. I still planted the flowers and we headed home. Later that evening we; Seth, Aiden and I decided to go for a walk in the state park that is near us. It was such a nice day out still. We ended up walking almost 2mi roundtrip. I know that it tired out Aiden because he fell asleep in the car during the 5minute trip back home. Seth picked him up but he was still asleep. Such a cutie. He ate dinner and then went in for bed.

That was my day. It was a really good day other then finding out that the place we went for brunch was a ridiculous amount of money. I told Seth that we are never going there for a holiday again. No way were we ever paying $35 a person for brunch. No brunch is worth that amount of money. Oh well you live and learn.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A sign of what's to come.

As Aiden gets older, I love to see how is personality progresses. It seems that every day he learn something new or he notices something new. He just stares at everything taking it all in with amazement. Well with that new found wonder of the world around him is the lurking tantrum. Seth and I have on a few occassions have seen the beginings fo fit throwing and it has always been when we have taken away something that he is playing with. It is usually something that we don't want him to have like a paper napkin since he will eat it, but the other day he threw a mini fit when I took his frog rattle away. I told him that he needed to leave it in the car for when I pick him up from daycare. He got all upset because he wanted his rattle. Once I got him out of hte car and he saw all the trees outside he was ok and I told him that we would get one inside. He needed to ask his teacher for one. But with this happening now it has also given me a check that I needed as well. I need to start thinking about how I am going to react when he starts doing this more. It's all about distractions. If you take away something you don't want them to have then give them something they can have. I just need to keep a level head because any tantrums that he will have are only going to get bigger as he gets bigger. As long as I stay ahead of how to difuse them I should be okay.

Monday, May 4, 2009

fun while it lasted.

And so with the teething excitment comes teething hell. Last night Aidne slept pretty good until about 10:30pm. In geting him ready for bed we had lube up his legs to keep the eczema at bay, give Fluoride drops, give a dropper of Tylenol, then because Aiden was all wheezing we did a breathing treatment on the nebulizer while he had a bottle. After the bottle we had to put the eye ointment in the help unblock the duct and finally we had to give the little man some Orajel for his teeth, which he hates the taste of the stuff with a passion. And just think, we didn't even give a bath that night. SO he slept until about 10:30pm and then proceeded to get up every 30min or so. There were a few strethced that he would sleep almost an hour. Around midnight I got up gave him his pacifier and left to make him a bottle. Poor guy I could hear him screaming all the way downstairs. Surprisingly Seth didn't budge....nothing new with that. In making his bottle I put in some Tylenol with Codeine. We got this from the doctors at Children's hospital when Aiden had his re-circ done. He was never really in pain so we never really used it and I saved it for if we needed it down the line. Well it came in handy last night. The dose is based on weight and since his dose was based on what he weighed back in March then he got a lower dose so I didn't feel soo bad about giving it to him. I did manage to get him to sleep for about 5 hours. he was still a little cranky when I dropped him off at daycare this morning but not too bad. Hopefully he starts to feel better. I just need to go find a teething gel that doesn't taste like berry or has no taste so he doesn't get so upset when I give it to him.

On another note. Seth had me put Aidens walking toy together and he wanted to try it out with Aiden. Seth held Aiden up, Aiden held onto the toy and pushed it and surprisingly he actually took a coupdl of steps with it. Now Seth wants to do this for a few minutes every night to see if we can get him to walk by 10mos, maybe not alone but at least with a toy. I say let the kid stand and crawl first, but I would be super stoked if he was walking that early.


This past weekend Aiden got his first tooth! Friday and Saturday he really didn't nap that well and he seemed to really be into eating his puffs and Mum crackers as well as his solids. Not so much in the bottles. Saturday night he really didn;t sleep that well. He took a 2 hr morning nap which was really good, but when we went out to do some food shopping he still seemed really tired. I figured it was because he did not get a good night sleep. Heck I was still tired from not sleeping well even after 2 cups of coffee. So walking through the store we fed him some puffs. While standing in line I mentioned to Seth that Aiden has to have something in there because he kept pursing his lips and running his tongue over his gums. So I stuck my finger in there with the intent to feel for a tooth bud. Boy was I surprised to feel a tooth poking through! Seth got all excited and wantd to feel but he needed to wait until we got home since his hands were dirty( I used a baby wipe after cleaning off his rattle he dropped on the floor).

The tooth made everything else that day make sense. When Aiden got up he was all congested and has some eye goop. I knew that was from a blocked tear duct from being stuffed up. His cheeks were all red and he had a drool stream come out every now and then. Plus he kept chomping like crazy on his bibs and he felt warm to me. I am so excited. My little man has a tooth!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Feel Bad..

Didn't hear Aiden on the monitor this morning. I know that it was an accident but I still feel bad that I didn't hear him. I guess when he woke up around 11pm last night I turn the monitor down thinking that Seth was in bed and I didn't to wake him. I went in gave Aiden his paci back, but then when I came back into bed I forgot to turn it up. I was having some sort of dream and I kept hearing birds, or what I thought were birds in my sleep. I turned out to be the sound of Aiden screaming through the monitor. I bolted up and when I got to his room I knew that he had been crying for a while because he coughed a few times, sounded out of breath and was all worked up. I brought him in our room since I knew that if I left him inhis room then he would start crying again and I needed to go make him bottle. He got to cuddle with Daddy in the big bed. So needless to say since he was up at 6am instead of 7am, when 7am rolled around he was dog tired and wanted to go back to sleep. Well I would be tired if I spent so much energy crying. He ended up sleeping for 2hrs. Poor little man.