Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturdays Top 5 laughs

Yup another day late post, but ehh...

5.) Last weekend we went to IHOP for breakfast and Aiden had ham with his breakfast. Seth also had ham with his as well. So in seeing the two plates Aiden says, "Daddy you have a big ham and I have a little ham." had you not been sitting at the table it could have bee taken totally out of context.

4.) Aiden has a small remote control car. The other day he took it out to play with it, but the batteries were dead because he left it on. I told him that the batteries were dead. "Mommy we have to get some double AA batteries for my car." Don't know how he knew what batteries belonged in said car.

3.) It started to snow a little yesterday and when Aiden saw that it was snowing he said, "Mommy its snowing! Santa Claus is coming!!"

2.) Rebecca is in the dropping phase right now so she will look at you give a little devilish smile and then drop whatever she is holding on the floor. She totally knows what she is doing. And if you say "uh oh!" to her she starts to giggle.

1.) Rebecca loves to be thrown about like a little doll. She squeals in delight and if you stop she lets out the biggest complainer cry. She'll throw herself down on her belly, arch her back and start kicking her leg out in protest.

 Complaining that she has to wait her turn.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Game Play- February

I had mentioned before about wanting to start playing more board games.  Well today I picked up this game for us to play.

Sesame Street® Ernie® Lucky Ducks

Its Ernie's Lucky Ducks. The ducks are in a pond setting and you take turns pulling ducks. On the bottom of the duck in a colored shape and the object of the game is to collect all the ducks with your shape on it. Collect all three and you win.

 "Mommy you bought a new game for me?"

Rebecca even wanted in on the action.

Stay tuned in March for the next game of the month.

Wordless Wednesday

The awesome "present" our garbage company left on my lawn. Huge tire marks. 

The week so far..

So far things have gone pretty well. The morning routine is all the same with me getting up, getting ready for work, and then getting the kids ready. I drop them off at daycare in the morning and 95% of the time I pick them up as well so that is no big deal. I also get dinner ready when we get home, so that is also the same. The difference is that usually Seth will get home either right before dinner is done or in the middle of it so that afterwards one of us can clean up a little before we go play. And when Rebecca is ready for bedtime or on bath nights Seth is downstairs with Aiden. These nights I end up doing what I used to do and that is put on a show for Aiden to watch while I take Rebecca upstairs to either give her a quick bath or put her down. Usually I can get everything done before the 25mins is up and Aiden comes looking for me to put a new one on.

I miss going to the gym. Mon, Wed and Fri are my nights to go to the gym so after Rebecca goes to bed I head there for a nice workout and Seth puts Aiden to bed. Not this week. Its back to working out in the basement for me and honestly I now can say that I pretty much hate our treadmill. I am pretty sure that it is not level so I am running at an incline. I'll have to check it tonight, but either way I just can't run on it the same as at the gym. It's probably better quality there then what we bought, but either way I'm not getting nearly the same distance when I am at home. At least it is something and my whole week is not shot for working out.

Only a few more day left and everything will be back to normal.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday Fun

(This was last Friday)

Now that Rebecca has her own push "car", as Aiden likes to call it, he is all about running round the stairs with him and having Rebecca follow him. He manages to get a few laps in before she finishes her first since you have to help her navigate around the turns. She hasn't mastered that just yet. Another thing that he likes to do is push her around when she is sitting in it. I love that hers has these little bars around it so Aiden can push her really fast and I don't have to worry about her toppling over..... like this.

(she toppled over right as I snapped the picture)

Either way they have fun and we even get in on it. Seth and I will take turns pushing Rebecca. Chasing Aiden. He gets a hoot out of it and she cracks up laughing the whole time. The only time that she gets upset is when you stop. She lets out the biggest whien/fake cry ever. Yeah, she's already learning how to milk it big time. I love that they play together and I also love that it let sout a bunch of energy that Aiden may have pent up. Though sometimes it does get both of the kids riled up pretty good and neither of them know when enough is enough. This was last Friday.

NO!!! I don't want to stop!!!
Getting a helping hand from big brother.

Becoming Husbandless

So Seth left yesterday morning for a week down in Mississippi for business. Not going to lie, I'm was a little nervous because this will be the first time that we have been apart for this long since I was in Savannah for school...back in 2001. There have been a few nights here and there that we have been apart, like for a bachelorette party and then there was when the kids were born- no point in both of us not getting any rest. Either way it has been far and few that we have been apart. Yes, I know that I now get the whole bed to myself and I can watch whatever I want, but I can do that anytime since we have more then one t.v. I know that I am fully capable to do this all by myself, but its that fact that I have someone here that wants to be here and wants to help out that makes it so much better. Someone to tell my day to, someone to share dinner with, someone to hug and kiss goodnight and to cuddle with on the couch as we watch a show together. I know that this time gives me a chance to catch up on my consignment tagging that needs to be finished up badly, but I know that to a point I will still feel lonely that he is not here. We do plan to Skype each night so that Aiden and Rebecca can see Seth, tell him about their days at school and say good night. We all know that is not the same. It will have to do for the week. Either way the week will go by fast and before you know it we will all be back together again and Seth will have a bunch to tell us about his trip.

**p.s.- sleeping in the middle of the bed, you know the spot that never gets slept on and is still nice and firm as the day you bought the mattress, OMG that was soo comfortable.**

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling all sentimental.

When Aiden was still a baby for Christmas I wanted to get him this Stride to Ride Lion push toy. I thought it was really cute and it fit in with the jungle theme that I had going on for him. Plu sit was a pretty gender neutral toy that could be used for future kids. My Brother in Law got it for Aiden and I saved it in the closet until he started to show signs of cruising. Aiden was about 10mos when he started to cruise along the furniture. For his birthday he received a Little People push toy that came with some people and mini cars as well so the lion kind of took a backseat. I put it in the basement for safe keeping.

Now that Rebecca is here and she started to cruise back in December out the lion came. I cleaned it all up and she loved that she could walk around the house now on her own. She also loves that it plays music. While I do love the lion I was kind of hoping that someone would get her a push toy that was more girly. Ironically, Seth's aunt and uncle did get a Disney Princess one. I love it. It comes with a rocking base and also and attachable handle so that an adult can push her around. Also, for the younger ages, there is a bar that goes around the whole thing so she doesn't fall off of it. And it plays music as well. Aiden got all excited when he say it and we had to explain that it was for Rebecca that he still had his red car that he does play with on a regular basis still.

The day after the party I mention to Seth that now that Rebecca has the new push toy that I guess we don't need the lion anymore and that I could sell it at the consignment sale next month. He looks at me ans says "Well... why don't we wait and see." Awwww!!! He's getting all sentimental on something of the kids. I think it has to do with the fact that the lion was used by both kids and we have pictures of both of them using it. It is something that can be saved to use for potential grandkids and he has agreed with my idea to go through the toys to see which ones can be saved for that purpose. Like his toys were saved and Aiden now plays with Seth's old matchbox and hotwheels cars. This is the stuff that makes me smile and is the reason why I love him like I do.

Aiden on his 1st birthday with the lion.

Rebecca on her 1st birthday with the lion.

Happy 1 Year Rebecca!!!

I know that this post is 2 days late now, but with the craziness that had been going on this past weekend I haven't had a moment to sit down to write this post. The craziness being that Rebecca has started her second year of life with a double ear infection. The joys of toddlerhood and fulltime daycare.


A year ago on February 11, 2011 the day started out pretty normal. Seth went off to work. Aiden and I got up, had breakfast, got ready for the day and then headed out to do some shopping at Target. I was still 2 weeks away from my due date , though I was secretly hoping that something would happen sooner so that I could feel somewhat normal again. And reach my feet again. Plus for the past week I had been having contractions that seemed to get pretty regular at night time to where I had to start timing them, but after about 2 hours they would die off. So much for getting your hopes up. I even tried doing t hings to help jump start labor and I will say this this is not advisable. We had a lot of snow that winter and we never covered the bushes so I decided one day that I needed to clear some of the snow off them. Nothing says labor like manual work. No dice. So back to February 11th. We go to Target. I'm pushin around the shopping cart, not even close to full and of course I'm having some Braxon Hicks/small contractions, but I'll be damned if I go back to the hospital and come home again with out an outside baby. We finish up, head home. Aiden has lunch, goes up for a nap so that means its my time to nap as well. Of course my body had other plans because the contractions started to kick up a bit. I had a contraction, felt a pop which made be jump off the couch and that is when I knew. I called Seth and told him that he needed to come home ASAP.

The next hour was pretty intense. We get 75% of the way to the hospital and wouldn't you know. Rush hour traffic because it was Friday. Finally get to the hospital. Seth had his parents meet us there instead of stopping at their house to drop off Aiden, which was the best idea because if we did it the other way around we would have been having Rebecca on the side of the road. I'm wheeled up to Labor and Delivery. Didn't get checked in because I told the nurse that I was feeling the urge to push so they rushed me to a room. I get the gown on. Get checked- 7cm. Have a big contraction and with that you get the classic movie scene of your water breaking. It ruptured all over the bed. I, of course, was apologizing because of the mess that I just made. And then I get the news that a lot of Moms don't want to hear. "No you can't have an epidural because there is not time." WHAT?!! I know that there are a lot of people out there that go med free, but for the most part they have chosen that option for their child birth plan. This was not in my plan. I know that plans don't aways go accordingly, but still. The long and very, very short of it all was that Rebecca, you made your very speedy entrance in 19 minutes. And honestly I will say that I am glad that I was able to experience child birth in both ways. Pain like that is a very strong motivator. She was out in about 3-4 pushes. And the recovery afterwards was great, probably because I didn't have to worry about all the lines that are normally put into you. I wasn't bloated from the IV fluids. I didn't have to worry about the catheter from the epidural. I didn't have to worry about the epidural insert spot either. I felt great. I even did my hair and make up while I was at the hospital. I honestly did not feel like I just had a baby.

Rebecca you complete our family and it is such a joy watching you grow and trying to keep up with you big brother Aiden. I can't see my life without you in it. Below are some shots from Rebecca's party.

Birthday Party Craziness- Part 1 & 2

The last weekend in January we went to a birthday party for a friend of ours. Aiden loves to get together with his friends to play. His parents, our friends, Jen and Dave had their son, Max's party at Stardust Gym. Its a cute little gym/gymnasium that does all sorts of things. Aiden calls it an indoor playground since that is easier for him to comprehend. Here are a few shots of party #1 in three weeks.

                                                                                            Playing in the foam pit.

                            Walking on the balance beam.

                                                                                      Jumping on the air trampolene.

                                     Playing with the parachute.

The following weekend we had the birthday party for another one of Aiden's friends, Jon. They love playing together and when we tell Aiden that he is going to see Jon he gets really excited. Actually to the point that we can't tell until a short time before we are going to see him otherwise Aiden will ask all day when we are going to see Jon. It's cute. I guess Jon does the same thing. Here are some shots from Jon's party.

 Horsing around together.
 Eating a cheese puff.

The following weekend was Rebecca's party. That is for another post. I am sure that Aiden will be asking when the next birthday party is for himto go to. Next month little man. You have 2 parties next month.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

My second week at work and I'm already getting deliveries. They were a nice surprise.
Happy Valentine's Day!!