Friday, October 2, 2009

13 mos now..

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Aiden is now 13mos old! I still can't believe how fast everything has gone by. He is also learning alot of new things. Two weeks after his first birthday he started walking. We are almost transitioned over to milk and we are also using our sippy cup more and more. Aiden is also starting to say a few more words and some words he may not say but he knows what they mean.

mama, dada, baba, ba(ball), num num (food), nigh nigh (tired), boo(book), yeeyee(Lily-the cat), teedee(kitty), coo(cookie), ah dah(all done), goo(good), up, yeah, doh(dog)

buttons, tree,

He also now loves his shape sorter toys and anything else he can put things into. He's getting so big.

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