Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thanksgiving/November Recap

This year we went up to NH for Thanksgiving. Seeing family is always a good time. WE made pretty good time as well considering that we left around 3:30. Made it up to Manchester around 5/5:30 to check into the hotel. It was a nice place. We ended up getting a 2 bedroom suite that had a kitchen as well. In the end we really didn’t need the kitchen, but we did use the frig for a few things and the microwave as well. The kids did great sleeping in the same room. The first night we stayed out so late and Seth had the great idea to put them in the same bed just to make it easier. Miss Rebecca thought it was play time and we had to go in there 3 times before she finally settled down. The next couple of nights we stuck her in the pack n play and she passed right out for both nap and bed times. I think she liked having her own space.

The next day was Turkey Day!! We had signed up for a Turkey Trot at the Fisher Cats Baseball Stadium. Running was me, Seth, two of my aunts, 2 of my uncles and my grandfather. It was low 30’s for temperature that day so staying warm before the race started was a little bit of a challenge. Don’t want your muscles to tighten up from the cold. I was eager to see how I would do for time. My final time was ok, but in the end I wish that I had stayed back and ran the race with the rest of my family instead of going ahead to see how well I could do. I saw some of the pictures that they took along the way and it was a good time. Not that I didn’t have a good time, I took a bunch of photos of them crossing the finish. 

After the race we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready, Rebecca went in for a nap. Aiden said he didn’t want to which proved to be a bad idea in the end since by 6:30pm he was begging to go to bed. We got him to last until 8pm before I packed them up in the car to head back to the room. The meal was great. As always it was way too much food, but that’s how it is with family meals. Everyone sitting around, laughing having a good time. Sharing stories.





Friday we had breakfast in the hotel since it was included and then we headed out to look for a local park for the kids to run around and for my aunt’s dogs to stretch their legs. We found one and the kids had a blast.




Later that night we would be going to see the production of the Nutcracker that my uncle Ken was starring in. It would also be the kids’ first theater show. I figured that they would last until intermission and then we would head out, but they did great. I think it was more the music and the dancing that kept them interested and away. I stayed out to get a bite to eat with family and Seth took the kids home since the night before he stayed later to watch the football game. 


Saturday we got up and all had breakfast at a local diner. It was nice to get out and have another family meal before everyone packed up to head out. I had done a bunch of prep work for packing that morning and so once we were back to the hotel there wasn’t that much left that needed to be done. As with any family event, the time always goes by soo fast. You look forward to these days and then they are gone in the blink of an eye. And you start planning the next event. We talked about camping this coming summer again. That would be nice. Until the next time.

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