Monday, June 1, 2009

Best Mommy Award...

did not go to me this past weekend. Aiden has the stride to ride Fisher Price push lion wlaking toy. I put him on it Sat morning and we did a few loops around the family room. I was laughing up a storm. Then later in the day when we had friends come over I wanted to show Seth what we did this morning so we went for a lap around the room. Well I didn't notice this time that his feet were not forward like they were this morning and he was dragging one foot on the carpet the whole way around. Poor little man go rug burn on the tops of all his toes and some of his foot. I felt so bad. How could I not notice?! I am suppose ot be paying attention to all these things! We put a bandaid on it but it was oozing through the sock. Luckily Sunday wa really nice so we went for a walk at the outlets so his foot was exposed to the air for quite a while so it couls dry up and scab over.

I know that accidents happen, but part of me can;t help but feel if I was being more aware then this would have never happened. I need to learn that I can't shelter him from everything. Boy its going to be so hard to let him start doing everything for himself.

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