Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Super Duper Update Post

Its been quite a while since I have posted anything. The holiday months were crazy busy, but a lot of fun. I'll have to come back to post the pictures highlighting each month since I don't have them with me. And now where to begin..( pulls out calendar for reference..)

OCTOBER- 14mos
October we such a busy month. The 3rd we went up to NH to visit my uncle up there. We were going to ride the Lake Sunapee Ferry to get some picture of the fall foliage but it rained that day so we ended up just staying inside. Good food and drinks and great tv. We watched the Breakfast Club; one of my favorite movies. The 10th we went to the Topsfield Fair with Shannon and Anatoly. We had never gone before and I thought it would be good to get outside. There were farm animals and some kiddy rides, retail booths and some shows that we could watch. The 17th was Naomi's first birthday. It was nice and there were a bunch of other people there that had kids so Aiden was able to play with them as well as with Naomi. The 24th we headed down to DC to visit Bruce and Sarah and their son David. It was nice to get some one on one time with them since its harder when they come up to visit. They have to make the rounds to see everyone. I also think that Sarah looks forward to it since other then her sister in law, we are the only other ones that have children and can relate better. Halloween Aiden was a turtle. He was soo stinking cute!!! Everyone loved him. We took him around the neighbor hood for a little bit, pulled him in his wagon as opposed to the stroller. He definitely liked that better. Seth and I took turns bring him up to the doors. At first he didn't understand the concept, but by the end of the night he knew to take the candy and put it in his bucket.

STATS- eating more on his own with a spoon
-loves to go outside and demands it when we get home
- says "nigh nigh" when he is tired and wants to go to bed.
- says "over there" "put here" "pick up" "go" "me do"
- likes to put things into other things (i.e.- blocks into a bucket)

Ironically November was actually a very low key month. We needed that to get ready for the impending holiday season. I took Veteran's Day off because daycare was closed. It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week though I had to work that Friday to make up for the hours. Thanksgiving we really low key this year. Seth's parents were out in Ohio and we couldn't afford to go out to my aunts in Ohio so we ended up staying local this year. We went out for lunch with Josh, Seth's brother. It was nice to see everyone for the holiday and all dressed up. We don't ge to that often. After lunch we headed home and I finished cooking the turkey that we had in the oven. I was really looking forward to a home cooked meal so we bought everything to make dinner. We had turkey dinner au duex. It came out really well. Plus I am soo pleased with myself. I decided that I was going to make turkey soup this year so we kept the bones and I make my own turkey stock to make the soup. I froze most of it to have at a later time. It came out rally well and I think we ended up using 98% of the turkey meat.
The Friday after Thanksgiving we had a big turkey feast with some of my high school friends. They do this every year and since Aiden was since last year we couldn't go. Aiden met Leyla and so other kids that were there and we all had a nice time catching up with each other. I look forward to it this year, but we are planning on being in Ohio this year.

STATS- 15 mos check up- 22.5lbs 29 3/4 inches tall. he received his DPT vaccine and polio. We stopped bottles this month. It took some time but in two weeks he was drinking milk just fine out of his sippy cups. He had 2 molars come through. 10teeth now.


And this is when everything got crazy, but mostly under control... The 5th we were suppose to go to Edaville Railroad to look at the lights and take a train ride, but the weather was not too good so we just ended up going to dinner with Dave, Jen and Max. We exchange holiday gifts as well. The 6th we had our family holiday pictures taken. They came out soo good. And the best part is that our package included the holiday photo cards so I didn't have to get those somewhere else. We got great smiles from Aiden and both Hanukkah and Christmas shots. The 12th we hosted Hanukkah at our house. For some reason it seemed even crazier than last year and that is more because we have 2 more people running around getting into everything this year. I still love doing it though! The 19th we had lunch with Shannon and Anatoly at their new apartment. They are up in NH so it was kind of a drive for us but it wasn't too bad. Shannon asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Its super exciting!! We have 2 weddings in 8 days this coming April. Fun stuff. I am looking forward to both wedding though. The second wedding is Steve and Holly's and that will be down in North Carolina. "Vaca" without Aiden. I'm going to miss my little man that weekend. The 20th was suppose to brunch but we ended up having a really bad snow storm so we postponed to the following weekend and ended up doing a lunch instead of a brunch. Christmas we nice. We hosted but it wasn't until later in the day so it was nice to get up and just have that time to ourselves to open presents and relax a bit before people came over. We invited my uncle Ken and CR down they didn't have the kids this year and Seth decided that he was going to invite his parents down. I will admit I was a bit apprehensive at first and that was more because they don't celebrate Christmas and honestly my family doesn't come over for Hanukkah, however I know that they would not object if I wanted to bring someone to Hanukkah and we both didn't like the idea of them just sitting home by themselves on the holiday, so I was glad that Seth made the decision to have them over. The more the merrier. New Years Eve, Hope and Jeff and the boys were in so we went to the Museum of Science. It was soo good to see them since the summer. We always have a good time with them. Justin is a year older then Aiden so it was funny to see them interact because Aiden is already around kids Justin's age in daycare. he's pretty much blase about other kids.

STATS- 22 lbs 8oz
- knows monkey and will a monkey sound
- foods- applesuace, yogurt, fruit, brocolli, sweet potato, turkey dogs, pasta,
- started to spear food better with a fork
- favorite book- The Busy Little Train, TOY- shape sorter
- takes off pants and half of his shirt.
- knows- shoes, socks, hat, head, belly, bath, drink,, out, truck,
- says- "put up/down" "ju"(juice)
- cut second 2 molars, 12 teeth now

JANUARY- 17mos
Tha calm after the storm its been pretty relaxing this January. It was nice to have the extra days off at the beginning of the month. The 22nd I got a night out with the girls. I needed that it has been a while since I went out alone. The 24th I had a pkaydate with a bunch of girls that I talk to on a chat board. We all met at the Children's Museum in Boston. Our kids were able to play with each other and we werea ble to chat with each other as well about things. I look forward to the next time that we can get together. We did agree that the next time was going to be girls only though. The 30th Seth has bachelor party for Steve so it will be little man and me for most of the day and I invited some people over to the house after Aiden goes to bed. It seems that things are starting to settle in and we are getting that hang of getting back to some of our previous lives before Aiden, the going out part without feeling like we are missing anything. It feels good to have that aspect back.

STATS- 23lbs
- knows shoes, socks, hat
- says "dark" "door" counts "1-2-3" "sheed"(shade) "leet"(light) "bat"(bath)
- first 2 eye teeth popped through. He has 14 now.

Hopefully my next post won't be 3 months from now. That is something that I plan on working on this year. Well.. until next time.

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