Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feb and March

February was pretty low key. It was a short month and as always it flew by. It was nivce that we didn't have too much planned since January was still pretty busy. I had a bridal shower on the 13th for a college friend that is getting married in April. It was fun. I love watching people open up presents eventhough it feels really awkward to be the one in the spotlight opening up the presents. The end of the month Bruce and Sarah were in to visit with their son David. He is such a little ham. It's always nice to see them and it seems like the time just goes by too fast during visits.

STATS 18mos
30in tall
uses a fork and spoon regularly, words are said with more clarity. likes to give hugs. still working on the top eye teeth. points to nose and belly, can complete a 12pc shape sorter in under 5mins.
Says- keedee(kitty), poon(spoon), goat, dog, mil(milk), yoge(yogurt), nack(snack), bowl,

March is aways busy. In the immediate family there are 7 birthdays in March. The best part was that Seth and I finally had a date night together!!! We made arrangedments with one of Aidens teachers to baby sit for us one night a month so we can go out to dinner and do something else just the 2 of us. Its been a long time since we went out alone. We went to dinner at Skip Jacks, I got the Lobster Garden Salad.. so yummy, with a glass of wine :) And then we saw the movie "Green Zone". It was pretty good.Aiden had his first haircut this month. He did really well. He sat still and didn't get upset or scared. He looks like such a big boy now with the trim. We had our first taste of summer weather this month so we set up a sandbox and picnic table to Aiden. We also had a patio installed in the backyard. It came out really nice so now we just have to set up the furniture. That will definitely clear some space out of the shed and the basement.

30.5inc 23lbs
loves to walk down the stairs
wants to do everything himself.
starting to potty train a little
loves to brush his teeth
says and waves "bye-bye"
puts together knob puzzles really well
loves to color
will point to an animal when asked where it is

says- "nana"(banana), gape(grape), Papa, Daddy, help me, ball, bue(blue), geen(green), bubble, book, "go out"

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