Thursday, May 10, 2012

Play Ball

This past Friday Seth and I went to the Red Sox game. He was given 4 tickets from one of his clients so we took our friend Sean and his girlfriend Caitlin with us. It was nice to get out and have some adult interaction time. Our nights out usually consist of us getting dinner and then going to the movies so this was a nice change. We did toy with the idea of taking the kids to the game, but after a long day at daycare to take them to a 7:00 game would have been rough. Especially since Rebecca pretty much goes to bed around 6:30 on school nights and Friday she really didn't nap much at school either so she went to bed earlier then she normally does.

We arrived at Fenway Park. Traffic wasn't too bad. We got there and included in the tickets were passes to the Rooters Clubhouse. Its not like memoriabelia area that is at the TD Garden, but they had a few things up there to look at. We ate dinner up there and then headed down to the field to watch the game. I was definitely glad that we did not bring the kids because as the night went on it got colder out and the game ended up going into extra innings. We didn't stay until the end of the game because at that point it was almost 11pm and we didn't get home until almost midnight.

 Don't remember the payers name, but when he swung the bat it went flying into the stands.

The seats were pretty good. Probably about 25 rows back. We were definitely in the area to catch a potential foul ball. None really came that close to us this game. Maybe next time.

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  1. I am so jealous! Love the pictures. I want to go to a game one of these days!