Thursday, June 28, 2012

Game Play- July

Things have been pretty crazy lately and I seemed to have missed May and June for our game of the month. The sad part was that I had the games already in the basement. I just never got around to bringing then up. This game, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Silly Switch Game, I just happened to come across at Ocean State Job Lot. It's along the same idea/concept as Candy Land except its Mickey Mouse. The best part of the game is that it was only $3. I'll admit that the character pieces are pretty flimsy and may need some help in staying in one piece. (That is what packaging tape if for.) Either way it was a pretty simple game and Aiden mastered it fairly quickly. He was just super excited because it was something Mickey related. I'm sure Rebecca will go crazy once she sees it so I might have to hide it since she is obsessed with Mickey at the moment.

Yay!!! I won!! (for real)

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  1. Need to go to Ocean State and check out the games!