Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Edaville Railroad

This past weekend was a little crazy in our house. Seth was sick and while I really should have been resting myself there were things that needed to be done and the kids don’t slow down for under the weather parents. Plus if the kids were out of the house then that meant that Seth could get the rest that he needed. Which only worked so much and he ended up just going to the hospital to find out that he had strep. Once he had the meds that he needed he started to feel better on Sunday.

Saturday Aiden had soccer practice so I had to figure out how to manage to help him retain what the coach was teaching and keep Rebecca entertained as well. Aiden was really understanding of the fact that I was limited on what I could help him with and Rebecca did pretty well. The last half of practice she was pretty content to sit in the stroller with a snack. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch from Dunks. Aiden wanted and egg and cheese wrap so Rebecca ate one as well. What brother has, she wants too. Once home they both went up for naps. Well Rebecca napped and I was supposed to be catching up some blog posts and resting a bit as well. Aiden he had other plans and we ended up not napping even though he was tired. 

So battling myself with the nap notion. I wanted Rebecca to nap for as long as possible, but I had also told Aiden that we would go to the touch-a-truck show that was in Hanover. I’ve been trying to take him to one of these stupid things for the better part of a year and so far no dice. We either have something already planned for that day or its right in the middle of naptime. Either way something is always a hindrance and we haven’t gone. And yet again we left later then I wanted to because I knew that Rebecca needed to nap. I was not about to drive 30-45mins to a car show to only be able to stay for 30mins so I had to break the news to Aiden that we would not make it to the show. So I made the quick decision to head to Edaville Railroad instead. They have the train ride and other kid rides as well. He had a blast there and since the last time that we were there, some new rides were added. Sunday was a better day.

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