Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Seth!

This year Seth’s birthday fell on Yom Kippur. Not the greatest way to celebrate your birthday by having to fast all day long. Well with him still being on meds for his strep we figured that we would just take a pass this year.  I’m sure that everyone will be understanding. We did manage to get to temple this year. We did not go last year because one of the kids was not feeling the greatest. I think it was Aiden.  They were both great at not being loud and disruptive. Toward the end Rebecca started to get a little unruly, but that was because 1.) she was tired and 2.) it was pretty much her lunch time as well.  In the end they both made it 1:45 of temple. Not a bad day.  We picked up a few things for dinner for later on our way home and in for a nap she went.

About 4pm Seth’s parents and his brother and family came over to break the fast. It was a good time. Good food. The kids played together. Rebecca liked that we put her at the kids table to eat with Aiden and my niece Naomi. She felt like a big girl, but in the end she ended up back in her booster seat sitting at the big table with all of us. She eats better that way, but she’ll learn. I got Seth a carrot from White’s Bakery. I love their cakes. Always so good and very fresh. Moist, never dried out. Seth loves carrot cake so I figured get him a cake that he likes and I’ll pick up something small for the kids to have.  We were also going to have apple pie that his brother made.  It was a long day, but a good day. Here’s to another year.

 Ready for Temple.

 Yummy cake!
 Make a wish!

 Rebecca enjoying some carrot cake

 Playing the elephant game, but we need to exchange it for anew one since the motor is pretty well shot, out of the box.

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