Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First Bike

With Aiden, Seth wanted to get him a bike for Hanukkah after he turned 2. Aiden was excited about the bike, but he was too small for it and didn't really understand the concept for pedaling yet. Plus it was December so there weren't many times that we went out to ride the bike since it was cold and snowy. The summer came and he was slowly getting used to riding and then of course his birthday came and we ended up getting him a power wheels truck. He did finally start riding the bike that September and was excited when he could finally pedal by himself. With that I was not going to make the same mistake with Rebecca so we opted to go the tricycle route with her. I saw that she showed interest in a friends tricycle at a birthday party so I knew that we should get her a trike and then when she was older we would get her a bike. Plus the past few months she's been eying Aiden's bike wondering where hers is. I snagged a Minnie Mouse trike on sale during Christmas and stashed it in the basement until her birthday. When we took it out for her she was over the moon and couldn't wait to ride it. She got pretty mad when we told her that it was time to go in.


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