Monday, June 6, 2011

Back on the Blog Boat

I have been completely horrible about staying on top of this. Its sad really that the last entry was over a year ago. Onto being more proactive. A quick synopsis of the past year.

June 2010 we found out that we were expecting our second child.

July we went camping with my family and spent a weekend down the Cape.

August was Aiden's second birthday and the weather was beautiful. Sunny and warm unlike his first which was a monsoon.

September we had fun with apple picking and finding out that we were having a little girl.

October nursery decorating and pumpkin patch.

November- turkey time and fun with cousins.

December was lots of holiday fun between Hanukkah and Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to Edaville Railroad and built a ginger breadhouse.

January was pretty low key since I was put on bedrest for preterm labor, but we still had fun. Birthday parties for friends Aidan and Max.

February- Welcome Rebecca.

March- playing cousins and first time bowling

April we bought a swingset for Aiden. He was soo excited, but upset when he couldn't play on it the first day because it took so long to build and then next few days it rained. We had a playdate with some of my high school friends and Passover and Easter.

May turned out to be really nice weather wise. Mother's Day was beautiful. I got a new chandelier for the dining room. We played outside a lot and a great time with our neighbor Memorial Day Cookout.

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