Sunday, July 22, 2012

Onset Beach 2012

Last Saturday we went to Onset Beach with pretty much Seth’s whole immediate family minus Jeff since he was traveling back to the States from China. I love it when we have the times to get the whole family together and the cousins can play together. Aiden had fun digging in the same with Naomi. I swear if those 2 were not cousins they would marry each other when they got older. They love to see each other and play together. He was also so excited to see his cousins Brandon and Justin. He and Justin gave each other the biggest hugs when they saw each other at the each.  Aiden also enjoyed walking around in the water with his cousin Amanda looking for hermit crabs. She found a few of them and there was a pretty large one as well that she had found. He wanted no part in touching them though. I think one of the cutest parts of Aiden and Naomi for the day was when they were sharing a Spiderman popsicle. It was dripping so much down Aiden’s arm from the heat, but he didn’t care. He was holding it out for her to take bites.

Seth, Josh and Brandon played Frisbee and catch with a football in the water. Brandon really enjoyed that since he plays football and also baseball. Rebecca complained for a while when we first put her in the water, but then warmed up to it with Seth tossing her around,  though she wanted NO part of the sand. Every time her foot went in it she had to lift it up to try to wipe it off or she looked at you with such a puss on her face as if to ask you to wipe the sand off. She just does not like the stuff and with that she didn’t want anything to do with digging in it either. At home she stands outside the sand box to shovel the sand into a bucket. One day she will enjoy the beach to its fullest. Though she did do a full on face plant into the sand because she leaned too far to the side in her chair. It was hard not to laugh at that one.

 Don't mind if I pour a little water on your head cousin Justin.
 Still not a pan of the sand. She was just not having it.

 Making an "birthday cake"

 They share everything. Slice of pizza. Ice cream.

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