Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Southwick Zoo 2012

Last Sunday I met up with a fellow mom, Melissa for a small play date at the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA. We had been trying to coordinate a playdate/get together for a while and something always seemed to come up. Originally we were going to go to the Roger Williams Zoo, but then Melissa mentioned Southwick because of the rides. I was on board with that and the kids both love rides. We ended up getting there a little earlier so we walked around and looked at a few of the animals to kill time, but it was pretty hot and a little humid, plus since I got fried at the beach I was doubly hot from the heat coming off my burnt back. The mist tents were my friend that day. Aiden loved walking through those and I ran through a few times with Rebecca.

I took Aiden into the petty area where you can feed some goats and last year he had a lot of fun doing it, but this year he was a little hesitant because the goats where pretty in your face about trying to get the food. Once I gave Aiden some food he would throw it on the ground so they would leave him alone. So much for that photo op, but in his defense they were all over me as well. Some were trying to stand up on me to get the food so I know that it they did that to Aiden then he would have been on his butt on the ground. It’s funny how a year ago he was more adventurous and this year he is starting to realize that certain things can actually hurt you.
After the goats we played at the playground there for a little bit so we could sit and rest in the shade and just waited until Melissa and her family got to the park. Once I got her text we headed towards the front and ended up just heading over to the rides. Aiden and Rebecca both had a blast on the rides. There were a couple of rides that she and Zane wanted to go on, but they were too small so we mainly just suck around the rides that they could go on and let them do those ones a few times in a row. Aiden and Hayley had fun running back and forth between a few rides. There was also a bouncy house that Aiden didn’t want to get out of.  We did that for a while before getting lunch and calling it a day because Rebecca was just done. It was 2:30. She had been up since 8:30am and was rearing to go for a nap. I think she fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. Aiden stayed up the whole ride home, but ended up napping for about 1.5hrs. It was nice. Seth and I took a small snooze as well on the couch since it had been such a busy weekend. I almost wished that we had a third day off just to recoup from the weekend. Next weekend we have our niece’s birthday party in the afternoon and luckily we don’t have anything planned for Sunday. We need a down day. 

 New litter of piglets

 Feeding the goats.
 Running through the mist tents.

 Hayley and Aiden on the Frogger ride.

 Horses are serious stuff.
 Driving Miss Rebecca. Zane had hands on both steering wheels.

 Carousel ride.

Love this photo!!

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