Thursday, August 23, 2012

Off to the Fair

This weekend we went to the Marshfield Fair. It was crazy busy. I’m pretty sure that the fact that it was opening weekend and a beautiful one to boot weather-wise brought everyone out for a good time. This year was much better than last year. Last year Rebecca was only 6mos old so there was not much for her to do and also if I remember correctly it was hotter as well. This year she was able to go on a few rides and I didn’t realize that there were 2 more rides that she could have gone on, but she still had fun going on the carousel. She was mad that she couldn’t go on the car ride with Aiden which was the same exact car ride that she went on at the Southwick Zoo. Different places different rules.  I was going to take her on the train ride until she threw a fit about waiting in line so that was the end of that. She enjoyed playing her first carnival game though, picking up the ducks in the pool. Aiden’s favorite ride was the giant slide that you sit on the potato sacks. I’ll admit that as a child that was one of my favorite rides and I could do that one over and over again, but somehow now that I’m older I wasn’t so sure about the ride once we got to the top. However, if it wasn’t a long line I would have gone down it again with him if we could. Both kids had a lot of fun, but alas we had to call it a night. Rebecca was starting to get cranky since it was getting late and of course Aiden was bouncing off the walls from a sugar rush from ice cream we bought on the way out. 

 Seth and Aiden are in the car between the blue and yellow lamp.

 Brushing a goat.

 Picking a ducky.

 Selecting her prize.

 Aiden's turn.

 Yummy ice cream.

 Log rolling.

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