Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Camera

So my trusty Panasonic point & shoot (P&S) camera met its final match at the beach a few weeks ago. I had been having issues with the motor for the lense and would have to turn it off and on a few times for it to focus right even work. The straw that broke the camera’s back was salt water. Now I do have a DSLR, but for some every day picture taking I would rather just grab a smaller camera then get the camera bag, unwrap the shoulder strap and finally get it ready to take the coveted picture that was done 2 minutes ago. I received an email from and while for the most part they never have anything that I would use, there are the moments that something comes along and I snatch it up. Case in point they had this camera.

Fuji Film FinePix JX580
16 Megapixel Digital Camera

It also came in blue and I was tempted to get it in blue, but opted for the standard black. It’s a little more basic then my old Panasonic. It only has a 5x zoom as opposed to the 8x that I had, but honestly the 5x is fine for me because unless I had the camera on a table or a tripod anything that I sot at an 8x zoom came out all blurry and grainy. I don’t need anything fancy. That is what I have my other camera for. I just want something that I can take out to the park or to a friend’s house. Something that  I can just put in my purse. And the best part was that I got it for only $65.

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