Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!! (2012)

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone had a great night and stayed safe. We had great weather to go out. Not too cold and not wet either. The kids had such a blast. Aiden kept asking every few minutes if we were going to go out, but we had to keep telling him that we would after everyone was done eating dinner. Plus we went out really early last year and there was pretty much no one out until we were done so we wanted to go a little later when people would actually be out.

October 30th the kids had their Halloween parties at school. I sent their costumes with them so they could put it on and I’m glad I did because I was able to take pretty decent pictures of them wearing the costumes then when we actually went out trick or treating. Aiden helped me put together his goodie bags for all his friends in his class. 

 Aiden didn't want to wear his ears at the party. Bee- Rebecca's best friend MacKenzie
 Painting a pumpkin.


Halloween night I was curious as to how Rebecca would perceive everything but she did well and pretty much by the third house she knew exactly what she needed to do at each house to get candy. She said “tee tee” or “tick a tee” and thank you. It was the cutest thing. Aiden was a man on a mission to go to as many houses as possible, until his bucket started to get too heavy for him and I forget to bring a third bucket with us to hold the excess candy like I did in previous years.  It only took us an hour to go up and down the street, but that was good for us. Next year we’ll venture down a few other streets when Rebecca’s older. As it was we didn’t get home until almost an hour after her bedtime, but its Halloween. You make exceptions for special occasions.

 The Mummy and the Pirate are our neighbors behind us. We met up with them along the way and walked with them a while until they turned to go down another street and we headed  home.
 Minnie's ears go lost some where along the way.
 Assessing the loot.

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