Monday, November 5, 2012

Jealousy rears it ugly head.

This past weekend we had my college friend Shannon over. She just had her first child this past August and while we had been wanting to get together I knew that as a new mom it may take some time for things to settle into being normal and I didn't want to her to feel rushed that we needed to get together to meet the new little man.

We still have a few things in the basement form when the kids were babies, so I unpacked those and brought them up. Both kids immediately gravitated towards the toys. Their curiosity peaked. I had to explain to them that these were baby toys and that they were for Shannon's little baby. The whole time they were over the kids were great. Well they both napped half the time so that was a bonus, but they were still great with Alex. Seth even made the comment that even though I wanted a boy and then a girl, which is what we ended up with, he had a feeling that Rebecca would make a great big sister. That was until she saw me hold Alex. She got so angry and was grabbing at my leg. The whining started. I, of course, couldn't help but laugh, but when I picked her up she had nothing but the evil eye for Alex.

**You're a little too big for that.**

So after they left Rebecca decided that she was going to crawl into the bouncy seat. Maybe to prove the point that SHE is the baby of this house. 

(( And NO holding a brand new squishy baby did not make me want another one. I was perfectly fine to hand him back.))

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  1. Hannah climbed into the jumperoo while I was putting it together to lend to Michelle for Ben and she DID NOT want to get out LOL! Funny aren't they?!