Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Learning to Give

An email was sent out at my office that a toy drive was going to be held and also that if you donated then your name would be put in for a raffle of a free vacation day. Heck I’ll take a free vacation day, especially since our vacation policy is pretty redonkulous I even won’t have enough vacation day next year to cover all the shut down time we have next year, nevermind all the days off that my kids have from daycare being closed for holidays I don’t get off. But that is besides the point.

So the toy drive is for needy children. There was a list of items that were requested the most. So this past weekend I decided to take the kids to the store. Now before we left I explained to him that the toys that we were going to buy were not for us. We were not keeping them; that they were going to kids that did not have a lot of money and could not afford to buy toys. He seemed to understand it. We headed over to the dollar store. I grabbed a cart and Aiden loved the fact that he was able to help pick out what we should give. We picked up coloring books, crayons, makers, books, puzzles(Aiden picked out the images), cars and generic Barbie dolls (Aiden picked those). He had fun putting all the stuff in the cart. Honestly, I think he was more excited about picking out toys in general, but it’s a start though.

 Later that day when Seth asked us what we did earlier in the day Aiden said,
 “Daddy we went to the store to buy toys.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah! We bought toys because they can’t buy toys because they waste all their money.”
Maybe next year little man. Maybe next year.

 (the back half of the cart was filled with the diaper bag and coats.)

 Rebecca checking out the dolls.

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