Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting bigger too fast

They say that once you have children the days go by faster and the more that you have the days seem to just start to meld together into one long day. You sometimes forget what day it is, what you have to get done and in some cases you forget to even shower. I don't have that last problem, but I do know that the days seem to go by so fast that I don't know where the hours went since having Rebecca. And now I can start to see her little personality starting to really take shape. These past two weeks a lot has happened for Rebecca. She cut tooth #1 and #2 is just under the gums, but you can see it.

I knew that the time of her napping in the swing would soon be over. I need to get her used to napping in her crib and for Thanksgiving we are not going to have the swing with us so she needs to be able to nap in the crib or a pack n play. Well today I walked into her room after she refused to go down for a nap and I found her sitting up in her swing holding onto the sides as is swung side to side in the cradle motion...Looking at me and smiling. Time to put that up on Craig's List. 

The last two transitions of this week is I took the back support out of her baby tub so its just her sitting in it. She really hasn't been using it all except when I lay her down to wash her legs. It makes it easier to wash them, but afterwards she tries to pull back up to a sitting position so why put it in at all. Lastly talking up a storm. Little miss chatter box. And I know that soon I will also be packing up the bouncy seat since she hasn't used it in weeks and the same with the playmat. All these changes!! She's getting big too fast.

Watch this video of my little chatter box.

Rebecca Talking


  1. yay teeth!! although now if she sticks your finger in her mouth it'll be much more painful! =)

    we got our pictures taken at JC Penney. I'm THRILLED with how great they turned out! I'm glad you think so too.

    One more thing!! I made some changes to my button, so the one you have on your blog doesn't work anymore. =/

  2. Aw! So cute. Love that she got teeth!!