Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturdays's Top Five Laughs

A friend of mine posts on her blog The Mommyhood Chronicles every Saturday the funny things that her kids say or do through out the week. A few months ago I started a book where I write down all the funny things that Aiden says, but I thought that I would start sharing on here. the book will be for later embarrassment at say his wedding.

5.)There was a dead animal in front of our house last weekend and Aiden asked me what that was. I told him it was an animal. He then said that someone broke there stuff animal and they needed to fix it.

4.) After Aiden went potty I had to go as well. he says to me. "Mommy you have to sit down to go potty?" Yes I do Aiden. "You don't have a pee pee so you can't stand." No I don't. "You have to go to the store to buy one so you can stand like me and Daddy."

3.) Nuff said

2.) "Rebecca do you have poopies?" Aiden- yeah mommy she have poopies stuck to her butt.

1.) "Daddy, Leo is scratching Rebecca's kitty. We have to spray him." Why don't you put her kitty away. "That's a good idea. Then we go spray Leo."

I know that there were a couple more funnies this past week, but I neglected to record them. Only so much you can do. Either way. ENJOY!!!


  1. I found your blog through The Mommyhood Chronicles. I love that picture. So funny.

  2. I love these. Dead animal- I can fix-lmao! And # 3 is precious! Something that Hayls would do. I can totally see Aiden saying some of this. I really enjoyed reading. Some great blogs linked up to the post if you are looking for some reads:) Thanks for linking up. Will be a regular thing from now on:)

  3. That's how I came up with my laugh too... I found my child so hysterical I wanted to remember later on:-) Thank you for the laughs. Hopped from Mommyhood.

  4. New follower from the mommyhood chronicles link up. I love #4! Cracks me up. The logic that you can get whatever you need from the store is fantastic!!

    Would love if you followed back.