Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturdays Top Five Laughs

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5.) While driving in the car Aiden said something and we didn;t what he said so Seth turned around and asked him to repeat what he said.  he tells us "I already said. Daddy you turn around and face front."

4.) The other night Aiden said he stole all our noses and he was keeping them in his belly button.

3.) Rebecca now when she eats makes a grunting sound as she is "chewing". She also will now take a bite, smile and then bob her head to side to side.

2.) The ATM by our house is broken about 50% of the time and its such a pain in the butt to have to get out with the kids and go inside to deposit checks. So yet ago the ATM was out of service this past Thursday. A- "Mommy the bank is broken?" Yes Aiden it is. "Mommy you have to give me yur phone so I can call Daddy to go fix it."

1.)It drives us nuts when Aiden yells to us from the other room so I told him yet again this morning that if he wanted to come talk to us that he needed to get off his butt and come over to us instead of yelling. A few minutes later he gets off the couch and is rummaging through the pantry. I ask him what he is doing instead of watching the Mickey episode he wanted. " What Mommy? I got off my bum bum."

So what are yours.

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