Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ear Piercing

Just as the hot debate topic among other mothers for boys is whether or not to have your son circumcised, the hot debate topic for girls is whether to get their ears pierced. And if you do decided to have them done, the other argument is when do you have them done. Do you wait until she is older and can take car of them herself? Do you do it as a special treat for an accomplishment? Or do you do it when they are still infants and can't pull on the earrings? Can't milk the short lived pain and will most likely still be sleeping a lot while they heal.

My ears were pierced the first time when I was still an infant. I was one of those cue ball bald headed infants and it was a fix that told everyone that I was a girl (you hope with pierced ears). My second holes I got when I was 12 and they hurt for a little bit, but I was old enough to take care of them myself. I did have a third set of holes done when I was 25, but my ear lobes are so small they never healed right and one hole got infected so I ended up just taking them out. You can see where the holes were since there is a small indent but that is it.

In 2 weeks Rebecca will be getting her ears pierced. Seth and I both want to get it done and we feel that it is better to do it when she is young and can't pull on them and she still sleeps a lot. Also I have noticed that if I take my earrings out my first holes the skin doesn't try to grow back over the hole like it sometimes does on the back of the second holes. Something I attribute to the length of time that I have had them. Either way I'll let you know how she did after they are in. And any tips on what to do before hand to prep her?

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