Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekend in NH

The last weekend in July we headed up to New Hampshire for a quick family vacation. err rather it was more a weekend for Aiden since we were headed up to Story Land. I was excited to go because as a child I went there and I remember certain things that I wanted to see if Aiden would do the same as well. Not too much has changed since I was there. Of course over there years they have added things but the beginning of the park is just as I remember it.

Getting excited.

Watching Mickey together.

View from our room.

Aiden's pancake.

Getting Measured up.

Spider coming to get you. (I sat in that same spot)

Rebecca's First Carousel ride

Another one I remember doing.

tilt a whirl- he loves this ride.

Driving a car.

Wiped out from Story Land

Rebecca's First Ride on a park Swing

View at Sunset.

I'm sure that we will come back up again next year as there were a few things that Aiden was not tall enough to do and I will also have to get some of the same pictures of Rebecca as well. Maybe Aiden will sit next Humpty Dumpty so I can finally get a picture of it.

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