Monday, August 15, 2011

I foresee a lot of tutus in my future.

Saturday I was in Kohl's returning some clothing that I bought for Aiden as back up cloths for daycare, but I decided that I didn't want to pay what I and that I could find items for less elsewhere. Heck, its only back up clothes and most likely he will barely even where the stuff. I had also purchased a dress for Rebecca at the time to where to dinner after one of the High Holidays in September, but I found something in her closet that was just as good so no point in buying more then you need.

So I'm standing in line at customer service, pulling out everything that I am going to be returning and, maybe this is all in my mind, but Rebecca sees the dress, reaches for it and screams at me as if to say. "That is mine!! Why are you returning it?!!" I move it closer to her and she grabs it and hugs it to her body. She's going to be such a girly girl. I can tell already.

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