Friday, August 5, 2011

Party planning

For Aiden's first birthday I knew what I wanted to do 6 mos out. And even for his second party I had bought some decorations because the theme I wanted was on clearance and i didn't want it to be discontinued by the time it came to actually planning the party. This year I didn't start planning until a month ago. It usually doesn't take me long to figure out what I want to do and how I want to implement it. This year since Aiden is older and knows what he likes I asked him what type of a party he wanted. The easing up on some of the decisions for him. He told me that he wanted a Mickey Birthday. Fair enough since the kid is obsessed with Mickey. Has to watch a show everyday if not 2 or 3.

So the planning began. I knew what I wanted for invites, but I was having a hard time swallowing the $35 price tag. So I bought postcard paper. I can handle $24 for 25 sheets, which equates to 100 postcards that I can also use to make his thank you notes. I had a coupon for Toys R Us for party supplies. Buy 2 and get the third for free so I went there to load up on some Mickey paper goods. For the most part I just use solid color plates and napkins, but I got the themed dessert napkins and plates for cake.

Seth and I talked about getting a bouncy house. I saw an ad for one and they have a Mickey one. I know that it would be a big hit with the kids, but the price for it and the fact that it would have to go in the drive way meaning that an adult would have to be over there if any kids wanted to use it and the injury factor was enough to decide against getting one. Instead I figured out some activities to be done in the yard. I had a fun time with that because each station is named after a Clubhouse episode and is based on each specific character. Now I just need to finalize the menu and order food. I'm looking forward to party day.

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