Monday, August 22, 2011

Marshfield Fair

This weekend we went to the Marshfield Fair. Its been a long time since I have been to this particular fair and the last time that I went I didn't have that great of a time. Let me just say it involved a "friend" that decided she wanted to hang out all night at one particular booth so she could flirt with a guy that was butt ugly and I didn't really have any money to do anything. Anyway. We met up with a friend of ours and his little boy, Jon. They love playing with each other. Best buds- locally that is. (Rhi don't get your panties in a bunch.) As soon as we told Aiden that we were going to the fair he asked if there were rides there. He loves going on rides. So here are some of the photos from the day and I can;t wait for the Topsfield Fair in October because that is when you start having all the fall harvest stuff. And its bigger.

           Human Robot. Aiden wanted nothing to do with it.
                      Blowing raspberries at me on the carousel.
                       Jon really wasn't a fan of the rides.

                         Jumping in the Bouncy House.
               You had to be 5yrs old to ride the Camel.
   This is a Serval. Its part of the Lynx/Bobcat family. I want one.

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  1. These pictures are great! Aiden looks like he had a blast. Can we see bday pictures??