Friday, September 2, 2011

The visit to the doctors

This past Thursday Aiden had his 3 year check up. He did really well. He's 28lbs. 35 1/8 inches tall. They also check his vision as well this year. It was pretty cool. They gave him a pair of glasses to put on and he had to tell the nurse which card had the lines on it. They mix up the cards a bunch of times changing locations. They kind of look like the 3D glasses that you get at the theaters. We also got his flu shot as well and this year we opted to get the nasal spray as opposed the booster shot. I will say that the part he did the best on was the lead test. The pricked his finger and then they had to take the blood sample into the little tube. He sat on Seth's lap and the nurse said that she had to feed the blood to her pet snake. It was kind of cute.

Next it was Rebecca's turn. Off to get our ears pierced. We moved rooms since we were seeing another doctor for her. He came in put some marks on her ears, asked us if the position looked good. The worst part was her being held down. As soon as the nurse took her she started to cry. They quickly did both ears and as soon as I was able to pick her up she was fine. She looks like she a little lady now that she has them pierced. So far its been a little tough trying to get in there to rotate them so the skin does not grow back on the studs, but she is such a squirmer and the studs are just soo small. we can change them out in 6 weeks, but I may just leave them in there for 8wks and change them out for the family holiday pictures.

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  1. Such a peanut that aiden!! And miss rebecca is as cute as ever! Love the ears pierced!