Saturday, July 30, 2011

How do they know?!!

I swear kids have some sort of ESP. They can sleep all hours of the morning, but they day that you have to get up early they HAVE to get up early as well. I don't get it! You can teleport down the hall, walk in credibly silent and not make a peep or even float down the freaking hall, but the minute you are up early the kids just know. They just know!! And how the freak do they know?!! I have no idea!

Yesterday morning I had to get up early to start getting some things ready for our trip up to Story Land in Glen, NH. I did a bunch of things that day before, but there was still a lot to do and what was left over to do couldn't have been done until that morning or later that day. I got at 5:30, already 15 minutes later then I wanted. Fed Rebecca so she would end up seeping later that morning since the only real reason she wakes up is because she is hungry. Full belly = sleeping later. And she slept until 9:30am. Upon putting her back to bed I headed to get in the shower and that is when I heard another bedroom door open. Not my bedroom door, but Aiden's. I tell him that it is too early and that he needs to go back to bed. He asks for his music and I tell him that he can't get out of bed until the music is over, just over an hour long. I got 45 minutes out of that. But seriously if I didn't have to get up then he would have stayed sleeping and you never hear me getting up in the house. I know where every creak is in the floor and how to open every door without making a sound. Ahh cest la vie.

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