Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Passover!

Every year I do look forward to passover. I don't know why. Maybe its the fact that you are suppose to clean out your kitchen for a fresh start. Maybe its the fact that you eat different food. Yes it is harder food-wise because you can't have any leavened bread, no rice or yeast products. So it does make it interesting if you want to go out to dinner or you pretty much have to bring your lunch all week. I have basically spent the past three days cooking so that we have food for the week. Friday I made Seth matzoh almond brittle and I also made chocolate toffee covered matzoh. Saturday I made an apple cake for Passover dinner with the family and I also made Seth's honey sponge cake. Today, Sunday, I made a 14lb turkey, my banana sponge cake that I will be eating for breakfast in the morning, sweet n sour meatballs and I also made a spinach bake side dish. This will hold us over for a few days. I still need to make a sweet potato dish and also a keugel and put the salad together, but I'm spent right now.

 almond brittle
 chocolate toffee matzoh
 apple cake before I cooked it
 all the meatballs.
 banana sponge
spinach bake

Here are some pictures from dinner at Seth's brother's house.


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