Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Tie" Dying Eggs

Literally.... with a neck tie.

This is another idea that I found on the website Pinterest. You can dye eggs using a mens tie. Now it can't be any old tie. It has to be a 100% silk tie Otherwise the colors won't transfer properly. So to find my silk ties at a decent price off to a thrift shop I went. There were a lot of ties to choose from, but I wanted ones that had really intricate designs and bright vibrant colors. You know the ties that only old people would think of wearing because most of the general public would think that they were butt ugly, however if you look at the tie in terms of decoration then they look pretty good.  Here are my ties.

So basically you cut the seam in the back to open up the tie. Cut a swatch out of the tie. Wrap the egg in the fabric. Make sure that you pull it tightly around the egg so its smooth so there aren't any creases in your pattern. Next you wrap a piece of plain white or cream colored cloth around the egg. Place it in a pan with boiling water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. Remove after 20 minutes. Set on a towel or a colander to dry and once they are cooled then you can remove the fabric and enjoy your colorful eggs. No painting required and considerably less mess. Of course I did get a few eggs so Aiden could have fun coloring his own.

I will say that they they didn't quite come out like the picture did. It was really hard to get the fabric smooth over the egg and there were quite a few areas where the fabric overlapped and bunched up. Its an oblong object so its not quite going to sit right. I may or may not do this again next year.

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