Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturdays Top Five Laughs

I love doing these posts because its funny to share the silly things that my kids do, but sometimes life gets in th way and lately I haven't been able to share as much as I would like. It was much easier to record a funny from Aiden when I was around him for most of the when I was not working. Now that I am there are fewer opportunities to experience this and sometime when it does happen I forget to write it down because we are out or doing something at the moment. Then is lost to me.  Here are some of the silly things that I happen to catch these past 2 weeks.

5.) On our way to the doctors office to have Rebecca's ear checked for an infection, she ended up throwing  up in the car. It was pretty bad. And we were only a mintue from the doctors too. Whats worse is that I really didn;t have many napkins in my car to wip it out. Luckily 95% if the stuf was still on Rebecca's shirt, but right before we got to the office Aiden says, "Mommy you need to open the windows more. We need to air this place out. Its very stinky in here from Rebecca's throw up."

4.) This happened the same day as the above. We were in the room waiting and Aiden asks. "Mommy what are we doing?" "We're waiting for the doctor to come in." "The doctor? Dr Seuss?"

3.)Last weekend I took Aiden grocery shopping with me. He tells me that he is going to borrow Rebecca's blanket in the car. "She's at home with Daddy so I can borrow er ducky blankwt. I like her ducky blanket. They 'quack' me up."

2.) One morning before school Aiden was playing with his toys and was supposed to be wating his breakfast as well. Seth gets home from the gym, Aiden pops up and says' Hi Daddy! I'm just playing with my toys right over here." Well arent'y you supposed to be eating your breakfast?" Holding his hand out in a matter-of-fact way Aiden says, " I am eating it, but its getting kind of soggy."

1.) This past Saturday when I was upstairs getting Rebecca dressed, Aiden was down stairs going to the bathroom. I guess after he went he came sauntering out of the bathroom yelled to Seth from the hallway, "Hey Daddy!! Look! I have pee pee balls!!" I have no idea where he learned that one from!! I going to guess that was a lesson from one of his friends at school. Of course, Seth is telling me this the next day when we are at IHOP for breakfast, Aiden gets all excited about the story and then says it very loudy in the restaurant. Good thing there really weren't that many people there.

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  1. Aiden is so cute! We need to air this place out. Does she feel better now? Poor baby! Haha- pee pee balls. He is just too cute! Love I am eating but its getting soggy. Love them! You should link this up this week:)