Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting so big.

I have a feeling that we are hitting a growth spurt with Aiden. In addition to getting over being sick, I think that is the reason why he has been sleeping so much lately. I also was reading that when teething babies can refuse to eat and be really irritable. He has been moody off and on this past week and refusing his solids. It doesn't help when you cough so much you throw up, so that may have put him off of solids as well. He's just been anti-veggies lately. All fruit cake. Well at least it is something in his belly. As far as the teething goes, he is fine eating hte puffies or the Mums but he shies away from the pureed stuff. And he can't seem to get enough of his bib in his mouth.

Saturday we raised the exersaucer up a notch because it was recommended that they not be flat footed in it. Well he is still flat footed so we may have to raise it up again. We also used the new car seat for the first time and use the seat in a shopping cart for the first time. The final first for this weekend was that he started to lift his belly off the floor to try to get into a crawling position. No crawling yet just some scoots backwards and he turns in a circle. Such a big weekend! I think the kicker was the picture below. He doesn;t look like a baby in it. He looks like a little man. Makes me sad that he is growing up soo fast and there is nothing I can do about it except try to capture it as fast as possible.

I look all grown up.

What's that on my head?!

Little sleeping prince.

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