Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taste of Summer

This past weekend was so beautiful outside! Saturday we got up played for a little bit and buy the time Aiden was ready for a nap we loaded the car up and headed into Boston. Since it was going to take a god 45min to get there then Aiden would nap in the car. I didn't want to put him down for a nap just to wake him to get in the car. I actually managed to get shorts on and I didn't look horible either. It was pretty warm and I am a little annoyed at myself for not getting any pictures of Aiden in Boston. We even went to see the Harbor Seals at the Aquarium. He was too tired tor eally get any enjoyment out of them, which he usually loves animals. It was the first time that we got to put shorts on Aiden. He is such a cutey with his little chubby legs! Afterwards we stopped at Seth's parents so they could see Aiden in his shorts and we gave him some lunch then we put him in for a nap and he slept 2hrs! He woudl have slept longer if we let him but it was almost 530pm.

Sunday we went out to breakfast and then did some errands. We got a small inflatible pool for the back yard that is big enough for all of us to use. It took a while to blow up. Seth was all excited and wanted to put Aiden in it but i knew that he was going to freak out since it was just hose water in there. It was going to be too cold for him. Sure enough as soon as his feet hit the water the lip curled up and he started to cry. Definitely not bath water. It was late anyway and he was getting cranky since he was over due for a nap.

Its nice again today and it makes me not want to work even more. I like have the freedom to be able to pay my own bills and to even have a tiny bt of spending money, but I also love styaing home with Aiden. It's a draw as to what I really want in the end because I like both options.

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