Thursday, April 2, 2009

My new nephew!

My sister just posted some new pictures of her new little boy. He is so darn cute!! And has a head of blond hair as well. I wish she lived closer or we lived closer to her. Actually I wish we were closer to her because then that would mean that I am closer to other family members out that way. She's in upper Michigan. I need to talk to Seth about picking atime to go out there. I really want to go visit, esp with the new baby. She can meet Aiden, I can meet Keagan and we can catch up onthe past 10 years that we lost. I just want our kids to know who each other is. Family is very important to me and I want Aiden to learn that as well.

Keagan Gregory Brown
March 11, 2009
6lbs 13oz
21 inches

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