Monday, April 20, 2009

Here comes the Sun!!

Friday it was absolutely beautiful outside!! Close to 75 degrees. I wish I had gottne out more, but Aiden still wasn't feeling that great and all he wanted to do was sleep. So I let him and I did a bunch of stuff around the house. Got two more boxes unpacked in the basement. I did get outside myself and planted some tullips in the front of the house.

That night I got my hair cut and highlights done. I feel so much better with them. Last time I had them done was last April and since then I really have not had time to do them. Plus with the trim my hair is curling much better now instead of dead straggle curls. Seth didn't like how much was cut off my hair, but I like it.

Saturday was yard work day. Aiden still wanted to sleep most of the day so at 9am I put him in for a nap and he slept until 11:30am. We bought some more flowers from Lowe's for the garden that we edged out. I planted those when Aiden went in for his afternoon nap.

Sunday it was supposed to rain, but it ended up being a sunny day with a day shower here and there. We went to Home Depot of get some more garden edging stones and to get a few more flowers, plus some Pansies for the shed flower box. While I planted those and the hydrangea Seth had some Aiden time. Then it was time for dinner. We had hanburgers on the grill. Aiden was being picky so he chewed in a biter biscuit that we bought earlier when grocery shopping. Overall it was a good weekend but it went too fast.

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