Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ugggh. food poisoning

Sunday afternoon I ended up camping out in my bathroom with food poisoning. It has been so long since I had it that I almost forgot what it was like. And it got to the point where I began to think that if I was going to get sick again then could something at least come up instead of this stupid dry heaving. That is what knocks the wind out of you. Seth told me to go to bed after he saw me laying on the floor mat with a blanket on trying to sleep. I knew better though. Sure put me in the bedroom where I know that if I was there then I was probably not going to make it to the bathroom in time plus Seth was downstairs as well so he'd have to go running up the stairs to get to me in time anyway. Much easier in the downstairs bathroom. Besides I spent good money on those bath mats so they are pretty soft.

By the time 11pm rolled around I was feeling better but too tired and worn out. I was hungry but knew that if I ate anything then it was probably just going to come right back up. How am I going to keep food down when I can't even manage to keep water down? I slept on the couch that night. If by chance I felt the urge to get sick again I didn't want to do it next to Aiden's room and risk waking him up. The best part was when I went to sleep I left the baby monitor on as a just in case precaution and yup, Aiden got up a few times. Seth did not turn on the monitor in the bedroom so I ended up having to drag my sick ass upstairs to tend to him. He didn't sleep through the night and I had to feed him at 1pm. I have a feeling it was because Seth put him in his jersey sleep sack instead of the fleece one and he kept getting up because he was cold. Aiden went to daycare that day and I stayed home from work to rest. The 2hr nap that I took was very needed and I felt better afterwards. Food still didn't look so good but I did eat a bowl of cereal and a bowl of soup for lunch. Now I'm all better.

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