Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a week!

Aiden got sent home from daycare early on Monday with a fever. When I got there the sheet said that it was 102.1 so on the way home i called the doctor to see if they wanted me to bring him in. They told me to give him Tylenol and to watch him in case he gets worse.

Tuesday we stay home together have some fun. He sleeps alot because he doesn't feel good. That is fine sleep is good when you are feeling crappy. By the afternoon it seems that his temp has gone down, but he has started to develope a cough. By the evening Aiden's temp went back up and he was cranky. Didn't want anything to do with dinner so I out him down around 7pm. He slept so horribly that night which meant that I slept horribly as well. Wednesday morning I got up, got ready for work, but prepared myself to be staying home again. Sure enough Aiden still had a temp and his cough sounded worse and he ended up throwing up half his breakfast. I called the doctor left a message since they don't open until 9am. At 9:40am they called back and gave me an appt for 11:40am. We get there, check in, get the whole run down with the nurse. I find out that he has actually lost an ounce since his last appointment March 20th. Doctor comes in checks him and says that he wants to do a breathing treatment on Aiden because he doesn't like all the wheezing. We end up doing 2 breathing treatments before going home.

We get home. I give Aiden lunch of cereal and fruit. He ate most if it so that made me happy. He was getting super cranky so I brought him upstairs for his nap. He drank about 3oz of his bottle but I couldn;t get him to burp because all he wanted to do was sleep. I have put him down many times without burping and for the most part its no big deal. He may wake up and want to be burped but then goes right back to sleep. Well this time he ended up having a coughing fit and threw up all in the crib. No big deal. I can just change the sheets, well he ended up just falling back to sleep after coughing so he slept in the mess. I felt so bad because I have no idea when he did htis since he didn't complain about it. Later in the day he ended up throwing up a little of his bottle and then he threw up most of his dinner as well-all over the changing table. Pooe little guy. He also had his fever go back up to 102.6. Jeez!

This morning he had only a slight temp. Was still groggy. he went to Grandmas house today because I couldn't take another day off. At least he is in good hands. No way I could send him to daycare. So far he did throw up a little from what I have heard but I have figured out that he is doing it from coughing so hard. I hope this passes soon. I don't want him losing anymore weight and I don't want him throwing up anymore because I know that it bothers his throat even more then the coughing already does. Well at least I have Friday off and I can be there for him over the weekend as well. Seth is not working so that is a bonus. I just hate to see my little man sick. I want him to be happy and healthy.

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