Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Crap!!- Literally

I picked Aiden up from daycare yesterday and he was in a diffeent outfir then when I dropped him off so I know that something happened to him clothes be it a diaper blow out or he got food all over himself. Well after he went to bed adn I was cleaning up I opened up the bag with his clothes and proceeded to check out the top so I could spray it to be cleaned. I have never in my life seen so much poop all over an article of clothing in my life. You would have thought that he rolled around in the stuff! The inside of the onesie shirt was just covered in poop. I could tell that it got smushed up the back and out one of the leg holes and from hat I knew right away that he was in the jumperoo and his teachers didn't check him to see if he had gone within 10mins of putting him in there. I have told them that they need to check him because 98% of the time he is going to poop when you put him in the jumperoo or the exersaucer. I just threw the top away. There was now way that the top was going to coem clean. Not with that much poop smeared all over it.

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