Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3yrs in the making...

I finally have flowers!!!! I am so excited. I know that it takes a while for Peonies to establish flowers and I am pretty surprised that it flowered this year especially since I had to dig it up last summer when we moved. Well actually I waited until the end of the summer to dig it up when I was going to start going into its winter hybernation mode. But generally when you move Peonies they go in to shock and need a year to recover. Plus the 2 that I planted out front have started to grow as well so I know that they are doing well. Now I just need to plant my Lilac tree and order up the Wisteria tree that I want. The lilac is going in a giant pot because I really don;t feel like digging it up it we choose to move in 7-10 yrs since it is not your typical lilac. Its a pink and white hybrid. The wisteria will also come with us when we move since I have my eyes on a not-your-typical-wisteria tree as well.

Wisteria Tree


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