Friday, May 1, 2009

Feel Bad..

Didn't hear Aiden on the monitor this morning. I know that it was an accident but I still feel bad that I didn't hear him. I guess when he woke up around 11pm last night I turn the monitor down thinking that Seth was in bed and I didn't to wake him. I went in gave Aiden his paci back, but then when I came back into bed I forgot to turn it up. I was having some sort of dream and I kept hearing birds, or what I thought were birds in my sleep. I turned out to be the sound of Aiden screaming through the monitor. I bolted up and when I got to his room I knew that he had been crying for a while because he coughed a few times, sounded out of breath and was all worked up. I brought him in our room since I knew that if I left him inhis room then he would start crying again and I needed to go make him bottle. He got to cuddle with Daddy in the big bed. So needless to say since he was up at 6am instead of 7am, when 7am rolled around he was dog tired and wanted to go back to sleep. Well I would be tired if I spent so much energy crying. He ended up sleeping for 2hrs. Poor little man.

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