Monday, May 4, 2009


This past weekend Aiden got his first tooth! Friday and Saturday he really didn't nap that well and he seemed to really be into eating his puffs and Mum crackers as well as his solids. Not so much in the bottles. Saturday night he really didn;t sleep that well. He took a 2 hr morning nap which was really good, but when we went out to do some food shopping he still seemed really tired. I figured it was because he did not get a good night sleep. Heck I was still tired from not sleeping well even after 2 cups of coffee. So walking through the store we fed him some puffs. While standing in line I mentioned to Seth that Aiden has to have something in there because he kept pursing his lips and running his tongue over his gums. So I stuck my finger in there with the intent to feel for a tooth bud. Boy was I surprised to feel a tooth poking through! Seth got all excited and wantd to feel but he needed to wait until we got home since his hands were dirty( I used a baby wipe after cleaning off his rattle he dropped on the floor).

The tooth made everything else that day make sense. When Aiden got up he was all congested and has some eye goop. I knew that was from a blocked tear duct from being stuffed up. His cheeks were all red and he had a drool stream come out every now and then. Plus he kept chomping like crazy on his bibs and he felt warm to me. I am so excited. My little man has a tooth!!

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