Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A sign of what's to come.

As Aiden gets older, I love to see how is personality progresses. It seems that every day he learn something new or he notices something new. He just stares at everything taking it all in with amazement. Well with that new found wonder of the world around him is the lurking tantrum. Seth and I have on a few occassions have seen the beginings fo fit throwing and it has always been when we have taken away something that he is playing with. It is usually something that we don't want him to have like a paper napkin since he will eat it, but the other day he threw a mini fit when I took his frog rattle away. I told him that he needed to leave it in the car for when I pick him up from daycare. He got all upset because he wanted his rattle. Once I got him out of hte car and he saw all the trees outside he was ok and I told him that we would get one inside. He needed to ask his teacher for one. But with this happening now it has also given me a check that I needed as well. I need to start thinking about how I am going to react when he starts doing this more. It's all about distractions. If you take away something you don't want them to have then give them something they can have. I just need to keep a level head because any tantrums that he will have are only going to get bigger as he gets bigger. As long as I stay ahead of how to difuse them I should be okay.

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