Monday, May 4, 2009

fun while it lasted.

And so with the teething excitment comes teething hell. Last night Aidne slept pretty good until about 10:30pm. In geting him ready for bed we had lube up his legs to keep the eczema at bay, give Fluoride drops, give a dropper of Tylenol, then because Aiden was all wheezing we did a breathing treatment on the nebulizer while he had a bottle. After the bottle we had to put the eye ointment in the help unblock the duct and finally we had to give the little man some Orajel for his teeth, which he hates the taste of the stuff with a passion. And just think, we didn't even give a bath that night. SO he slept until about 10:30pm and then proceeded to get up every 30min or so. There were a few strethced that he would sleep almost an hour. Around midnight I got up gave him his pacifier and left to make him a bottle. Poor guy I could hear him screaming all the way downstairs. Surprisingly Seth didn't budge....nothing new with that. In making his bottle I put in some Tylenol with Codeine. We got this from the doctors at Children's hospital when Aiden had his re-circ done. He was never really in pain so we never really used it and I saved it for if we needed it down the line. Well it came in handy last night. The dose is based on weight and since his dose was based on what he weighed back in March then he got a lower dose so I didn't feel soo bad about giving it to him. I did manage to get him to sleep for about 5 hours. he was still a little cranky when I dropped him off at daycare this morning but not too bad. Hopefully he starts to feel better. I just need to go find a teething gel that doesn't taste like berry or has no taste so he doesn't get so upset when I give it to him.

On another note. Seth had me put Aidens walking toy together and he wanted to try it out with Aiden. Seth held Aiden up, Aiden held onto the toy and pushed it and surprisingly he actually took a coupdl of steps with it. Now Seth wants to do this for a few minutes every night to see if we can get him to walk by 10mos, maybe not alone but at least with a toy. I say let the kid stand and crawl first, but I would be super stoked if he was walking that early.

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