Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

My first official Mother's Day. All I can say is that Seth was awesome. He said that we could start the day early and let me watch whatever movie I wanted to on On-Demand so we ended up watching "Bride Wars". Pretty funny and it brought back so many memories of wedding planning. To a point I kind of miss doing it. Then the next day, Mother's Day he let me sleep in a little bit. I woke up and kind of freaked out because the baby monitor was off and I didn't remember shutting it off. I got up got dressed and went downstairs because I heard Aiden down there so Daddy must have gotten him up. I think it was more a surprise to Seth because when I walked into the kitchen I saw wrapping paper on the coffee table so I knew that he hadn't wrapped my present yet. Kind of hard to do when he spent the whole day with me on Saturday and came home early on Friday. Well in the end it saved him some time. He asked me if I wanted to open the box now or later as he lugged the box up from the floor. I looked at him and immediately asked him if he got me hand weights. He laughed and aksed how I knew. Come pick up a box that way and its got to be the only heavy thing that I wanted though didn't tell him. He got me a set of 5lbs, 7lbs and 10lbs weights. Aiden helped me open the box. Seth said he thought it was a bit ridiculus that I was using ankle weights as hand weights when doing my 30 Day Shred DVD because I didn't have any. Plus since he saw how into the DVD I was that it was a good gift to give. I was all excited. Now I have a work out corner with my weight and my exercise ball. Things are looking good for this summer!!!

We did have one accident that morning though. Before I came downstairs I guess Seth sat Aidne on the couch turned to get a toy of the table and within a second he had leaned forward to get on him belly and ended up rolling off the couch. It was only a 1-.5ft fall and Seth said that Aiden was more startled then anything, but we both agreed that we can't leave him there alone anymore. He;s a tough cookie though.

We got together with Seth's brother, sister-in-law Laura, her mother Susan, our 2 neices Amanda and Naomi, and Seth's parents. It wasn't to bad of a time. Aiden had a fun time seeing everyone and taking in the surroundings at the restaurant. We forgot ot bring new batteries for the camera so we weren't able to get a family picture. I was bummed and Seth was too. Afterwardswe were supposed to meet up with my Uncle Ken at Grandma's grave to plant flowers and spruce up her site but we found out later that he had brinchitis and couldn;t make it. I still planted the flowers and we headed home. Later that evening we; Seth, Aiden and I decided to go for a walk in the state park that is near us. It was such a nice day out still. We ended up walking almost 2mi roundtrip. I know that it tired out Aiden because he fell asleep in the car during the 5minute trip back home. Seth picked him up but he was still asleep. Such a cutie. He ate dinner and then went in for bed.

That was my day. It was a really good day other then finding out that the place we went for brunch was a ridiculous amount of money. I told Seth that we are never going there for a holiday again. No way were we ever paying $35 a person for brunch. No brunch is worth that amount of money. Oh well you live and learn.

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