Saturday, November 12, 2011

Consigning we will go

I found this consignment sale, The Children's Closet, while searching online because the first one I found was too far away, in my opinion for drop off and what not, over an hour drive. Plus they limited the number of baby clothing you could consign to only 15 items in the 0-12 mos size range. I have waaaaay more then that I need to get rid of. With Children's Closet you can put up as much as you want for sale, no limits. Great! My kind of sale.
So for the past 4 weeks I have been sorting through bins and bins of clothing to weed out what had stains on it and what I deemed not appropriate to resell. I then had to put in a description of the item and price it, print out the tag, iron, hang and tag the item. My clothes horse never had to work so hard in its life with all that clothing hanging on it. 

Thursday night was the drop off all all my stuff, 5 storage bins, a stroller and a bumbo seat. I felt like I was in heaven with all the stuff already hanging on the racks and I knew that more was to come. Now I will say that this sale is not nearly as the Divine Consign sale that is down in Dallas and I will say that I am extremely jealous of all you girls down there that get to go and participate in that sale, but this is pretty decent.  I was able to find a couple of things for Aiden for next winter. Old kids items are hard since they take more of a beating. And I was also able to find matching pants for some tops that I have for Rebecca in 9-12 mos and pretty much everything I need for 12-18 mos winter stuff. Two pairs of 12-18 PJs that I picked up I found out had pretty decent stains on the pants that I didnt see since it was under the top so I was pretty annoyed at that. its a learning experience. This is my first consignment sale and from this I have learned that you need to be really careful when looking over items for the quality of it, but I will add in that I was really surprised at some of the items that were allowed to be put up for sale. Some were really stained in my opinion and some had some really bad wear and even some tears on it. On the web site it did state that all items should presentable as if you were buying it from a retail clothing store. I guess there really is a buyer for everything though you do have the option to donate any items that are not sold. I'd rather not bring it back but at the same time I know that if it doesn't get sold this time I can probably sell it at next years winter sale. I paid good money for all my children's clothing and so I'd like to get something for it so I can put it towards items that they need like the items that I picked up below.

 Aiden's loot (wish there was more)

This is half of what I picked up for Rebecca. Some Old Navy, Children's Place, Gymboree and Gap items. She still needs PJ's and maybe 2-3 more 12-18 mos outfits, but I was able to get a lot for her. I just hope that a lot of my items get sold.

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