Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs


Sorry I don't have much this week.

5.) We were doing something in the house. I can't remember what we were doing, but Seth came over to tell Aiden something. Aiden then responds "Daddy don't tell me!! Walk away!"

4.) Rebecca was going in for a nap so I brought her over to give Aiden hugs and kisses goodnight. As I'm walking away he says, "Mommy you taking Rebecca upstairs to eat before her nap?
"Yes Aiden I am." "Mommy, do you have directions?"

3.) What kid is not obsessed with poop at this age. "Mommy look!! That's a stinky poopy! It's not a Lincoln log." oh jeez....

2.) Little Miss Rebecca has become quite a camera ham to the point that I am pretty sure she is starting to pose for her picture. See examples 1 & 2

She saw the camera tipped her head to the side...
and then gave me a huge smile.

1.) Rebecca has become miss noseybody. Always  has to know what is going on and where everyone is.

"hey!! whatcha doing over there?
(Aiden and Seth were just walking in the door from getting hair cuts.)

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  1. Mommy, do you have directions. Just spit my coffee out. Love Rebecca-she is too cute! And all kids are obsessed with poop! Thanks for linking up:) excited to see you all next week.